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There And Back Again

What does it take to have a dream, seek it out and return home with all the golden moments? A lot more than we usually think it's going to require. Summiting icy peaks, or pushing through the blazing desert just to dive deeper into the earth holds the excitement that fuels that passion to be out in it all. Having the right experience is more than just having a plan to do it. It requires the right team, a sharp mind, and the correct gear. Shooting Gregory Packs has driven our team to wildly different climates, all in search of those golden moments. Coming back with something that captures the dream is what we're all about. The cherry on top of it all is seeing the look on our clients' faces when we show them that we caught the dream they were looking for.


Those moments are amazing and happen time and time again. Taking an idea and turning it into profitable marketing content is our passion. It's the extra gas in the tank when we set out on a journey. We stack these incredible back-country secrets up and save them for the right opportunity and for the right client. Having all major climates from the Rockies to the west heavily explored between us, our guides, and talent, there is no scenario that we can't complete. From British Columbia all the way down into Mexico, we have a place to take your product and make it the next big thing.


"Wandering  re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe."

– Anatole France


No matter which service you need, you’ll experience a relaxed, high-end, and professional shoot that delivers industry-leading visuals and thorough communication throughout the entire production. From pre-production to post, Brandon Wilding Media applies its unique expertise in capturing an artful taste for adventure alongside its highly skilled team to take your vision and make it profitable marketing content. Our storytelling allows us to bring out the best in your products and services.

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