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Brand Value And The Trail That Leads You There

Getting the shot takes much more than knowing how to use a camera. Making something of a moment so that the product pops on the social feed and makes the investment worthwhile takes a team. Especially when you throw weather into the mix, things can get a little wild. Heading out to hike the scenic Kendal Katwalk in winter and packing the gear to capture that moment in the backcountry of Washington took a lot of time, focus, and fitness. Snagging a few rays of sunshine in the middle of winter out in the PNW is rarely heard of, but that's a part of what makes our team stand out against the rest. The time, dedication, and skill allows us to make the most of every moment in every season. This is why we took this project up for REI. 


REI represents success when faced with a mountain of difficulty. They inspire, educate and outfit travelers for a lifetime of outdoor adventure. Tasked with a brand that has had such a high reputation with the outdoor community, it was key that the lifestyle we portrayed matched the nearly 90 years of brand authority that REI has created. We understand the mission and were able to capture something magical. But that's what you get when you work with a team that is as passionate about their work as you are about your product.

"We believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived."



No matter which service you need, you’ll experience a relaxed, high-end, and professional shoot that delivers industry-leading visuals and thorough communication throughout the entire production. From pre-production to post, Brandon Wilding Media applies its unique expertise in capturing an artful taste for adventure alongside its highly skilled team to take your vision and make it profitable marketing content. Our storytelling allows us to bring out the best in your products and services.

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