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More Than A Jacket

You can never really start out on a shoot without the heart of the product nailed down. The technical elements are important of course, but nothing pulls out the emotions like starting with something meaningful. That "purpose of the product" is what we chase. Discovering and developing it into something that can be emotionally understood is a unique skill set that we have honed over the years. We help customers feel the purpose of the product emotionally and allow them to see themselves using it to fulfill the needs they came looking for and then present them with a curated experience that allows them to get locked in on the product they see being the one they want.  


The North Face is a company that has gear for every situation. They have grown to be a giant in outdoor gear and recreation equipment arena and that's what drew us to this project. They represent a spirit that will never stop exploring. With that as the mantra of multiple shoots that we undertook, it became clear that we had more fun out on the mountain chasing that money shot than we did back at the office editing them. We connected with the heart of the company and it allowed us to expand the horizons and push the productions to another level.

Screenshot 2022-01-03 234401.jpg

"The man is a success who has lived well, loved much, and laughed often."

- Robert Louis Stevenson


Giving the customer the right experience isn't always about having that killer shot that took a lot of time, travel, and money to get. In fact, once the stage is set with your core content, you can break off into a spider web of micro-content that allows your marketing budget to go much further without having to sacrifice quality. That's where we step in. Knowing how to build strategic content to keep the social feeds full and your customers' buying is a trade secret that we let all of our clients in on.


No matter which service you need, you’ll experience a relaxed, high-end, and professional shoot that delivers industry-leading visuals and thorough communication throughout the entire production. From pre-production to post, Brandon Wilding Media applies its unique expertise in capturing an artful taste for adventure alongside its highly skilled team to take your vision and make it profitable marketing content. Our storytelling allows us to bring out the best in your products and services.

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